We Thought We’d Think of Thanking You… Cleanly of Course!

December 14, 2021

With the end of the year approaching, we here at Scotts felt it important to remind and reassure all of our clients that we are, of course continuing to adhere strictly to all of the very necessary hygiene and sanitation guidelines in place. All of our teams continue to sanitise themselves as a force of habit now.

We understand that it may be slightly tiring to hear it over and over again, so apologies for that. Maybe you’re getting a little weary of it all. However, we feel we must take measures to reassure you for your peace of mind, so you know that we’ve got your back!

On a similar subject but with a slightly different tone, we must take this opportunity to thank all key workers and volunteers who are continuing to work tirelessly; from the front line doctors and nurses, to the genius lab technicians, to office administrators and everyone in between. Especially during this particular time of vaccine and booster roll out.

And also thank you, yes YOU! It is and has been a physically and mentally tough situation for us all, so the continued understanding and cooperation from clients, residents and the public alike, is highly appreciated and certainly doesn’t go unnoticed by us.

So please let us take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful festive period. Let’s take the time to remember that without tolerance, understanding and togetherness, then what do we truly have?

From us all at Scotts,

Have a Truly Cracking Christmas!

p.s. We’ll still be working our little socks off over Christmas and New Year; keeping all of your properties, grounds and gardens clean and tidy on the inside and out. If you wonder who’s been around working, toiling away, that’s definitely us and not the elves!