Mental Health Awareness Week

May 18, 2023

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week.

This is an extremely important subject and one which is, quite rightly, becoming more and more highlighted. Living in a world where we seemingly have fewer and fewer places to escape the constant bombardments of the media and suchlike- our phones flash up every news article and tragedy and economic “disaster” whether we like it or not! Is it any wonder some of us struggle?

Of course, it must be said, being at work we have a job to do (No phones on site please!) We are literally at work to do a job, and we happen to think we do a pretty darn good one, but how do we ensure we make that work environment as comfortable as possible for our teams?

Being empathetic is key here; understanding that some people work better with others and that certain people have qualities that shine in certain situations brighter than others. Everyone has their talent, it’s about making sure it has the chance to sparkle.

Business runs because of people, yes people, human beings with human feelings. Most people enjoy doing what they’re good at, rather than something they may struggle with… brushing a puddle uphill springs to mind, it’s frustrating and ultimately you still end up with a puddle, just more pronounced and it’ll need doing again anyway!

Clearly we here at Scotts are not qualified to give any substantial medical advice, but what we can do is make our Company work ethic and environment as comfortable as we can, listening to problems from our team members and learning to preempt any issues that may occur.

Like dust on a window sill, or grass on a lawn, it will always need ongoing maintenance, continually making sure we as a whole are as clean and tidy in our minds as we strive to keep your properties.

We are proud to have an extremely low staff turnover, with an ever-growing team, some of whom have been with us well over fifteen, twenty years. We must be doing something right by them, as they continue to do well by us.

We listen and always remember that our work happens because of people. People who we are extremely proud of.