Keeping on keeping on safely- and better than ever!

April 10, 2021

We wanted to give an update to all of our valued clients and residents (that’s every single one of you by the way!) Our teams of staff are, of course continuing to be out and working their socks off to maintain the highest of standards that has become well known in conjunction with the name Scotts Contract Services over the last 30 years.

Behind the scenes our dedicated Management Teams are continually adapting to the regular changes thrust upon us. We have no complaints of course. We understand that every industry is feeling the same. In fact we relish the opportunity of helping to deal with this unprecedented situation which, we ALL hope is coming to an end in the not too distant future.

Our cleaning teams continue to adhere to the strictest of terms, meaning every one of our residents can feel safe in the knowledge they live in a clean, sanitised and safe environment. This must also mean that our Management clients feel the same trust that we appreciate and continue to work for so very much.

Our gardening teams are working hard as usual in this changing season, with this cold front of weather, even cutting grass and dealing with borders in the snow… nothing stops us keeping our strict routine, so you always know where you stand with us.

On top of all this, we have added even more vehicles to our fleet, meaning every single one of our staff members works within a comfortable and, above all, safe environment… which passes on to all of our valued clients and residents.

Thank you for your continued support; it will, as always be totally reciprocated.

Here‘s to near future normality… whatever that is!