Exterior cleaning – Sweeping aside the challenge!

November 20, 2014

It’s always a pleasure to be adding our freshness and passion to new contracts. We obviously treat ALL our contracts with the same due care and attention, but every now and then something comes up which is a little more interesting. Recently we have taken on some new sites which involve exterior cleaning. This brings about different challenges to the more standard indoor hallways and areas. For a start you must still be prepared for indoor vacuuming and cleaning where power is available; but where it’s not something different is required. These particular exterior walkways are quite long and exposed to outside dust and street grime. At least one good sweep is required. Warm water and a little bleach is needed to take care of moss and algae which inevitably grows in damp outside conditions, especially this time of year. Residents also like to have their own doormats outside their respective homes. These obviously collect a lot of dirt; far more than being indoors would do. So pretty much the whole arsenal is needed! But hey, no complaints here. It’s what we do and it certainly keeps our teams brushing up on their ideas!