Ad Hocs and Add Ons!

March 29, 2022

It’s been a little while since our last update so it’s a little overdue. We have been working tirelessly with our ever growing team and ever expanding contract portfolio. However, there should always be room and time for more.

Talking of more, we have recently completed a fair size replanting project, so we are looking forward to seeing new growth and colour come into fruition; particularly the new cherry trees which should be in beautiful bloom about now. We have also completed a fair number of fence repairs and replacements… Especially due to the late winter storms!

So with things such as fence repair, bin cleaning, arboricultural surveys, gutter repair and clearing etc. etc. we are far more than simply a gardening and cleaning company. Do browse through the rest of our website for more information, or of course feel free to contact us and we’ll do what we can to help. With well over 30 years experience, we are proactive as well as reactive, which, of course helps keep residents happy and makes Property Managers’ lives far easier, knowing that any minor concerns will be dealt with before they turn into major problems. Which can only be good for everybody!